Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I haven't updated since graduation, so here it goes!

I landed a job at Wells Fargo which as much as I complain really is a great job to find for this area. I have been working full time and Rob is working on school- registering for what we think is his last semester!

Katie is as funny as ever. She keeps us laughing...and sometimes crying- but we love her. She is so strong willed and a girl who really knows what she wants. Gotta love it.

SO for some exciting news- We are having baby Barrett #2 join us in June 2012. We are very excited. Katie is so great with little kids, she will just be head over heels in love to have a real baby at home. I am hoping for another girl, mostly because I want an army of girls. FUN!

Being a working mom is not an easy job. But being a pregnant working mom is way worse. Luckily the nausea has subsided and my fatigue has let up a bit. My house is still a mess and we are still eating noodles every night. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have all my energy back.

Miss and love you all.


Jeralyn said...

Yay!! I was seriously waiting for some kind of announcement :) knew it was about time, lol. No, but I really I'm excited for you!! Two little girls is the best, but I'm sure you'll be happy if it's a boy as well ;) Miss you guys! Glad things are going well.

Mark, Eko and Leoniss Burroughs said...

congratulations my best friend is due the same time as you. hope whatever it is that its a happy healthy baby.