Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I haven't updated since graduation, so here it goes!

I landed a job at Wells Fargo which as much as I complain really is a great job to find for this area. I have been working full time and Rob is working on school- registering for what we think is his last semester!

Katie is as funny as ever. She keeps us laughing...and sometimes crying- but we love her. She is so strong willed and a girl who really knows what she wants. Gotta love it.

SO for some exciting news- We are having baby Barrett #2 join us in June 2012. We are very excited. Katie is so great with little kids, she will just be head over heels in love to have a real baby at home. I am hoping for another girl, mostly because I want an army of girls. FUN!

Being a working mom is not an easy job. But being a pregnant working mom is way worse. Luckily the nausea has subsided and my fatigue has let up a bit. My house is still a mess and we are still eating noodles every night. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have all my energy back.

Miss and love you all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I did it!

I am FINALLY done with school! I now have my Bachelor's of Communications.

Graduation was so fun. I will never understand why people choose not to walk in the ceremonies. I needed to walk, I needed the recognition and the applause. It's not easy going to school with a baby. But I am so glad I saw it through.

My mom, dad, auntie and sister Molly all came out from NH for the celebrations. Rob's parents and brother Clark came up from Utah. Rob's mom made me the most amazing dress to wear. I loved it!

It was such an amazing experience having my family in Rexburg, Idaho. I was finally able to show them all where I have been living the past few years. It was great to show them the campus. They were all very impressed with how large it is and how beautiful it is.

After graduation we all drove down to Utah. My mom flew out of SLC airport and my dad, auntie and sister stayed for 5 more days. We toured the Salt lake area, seeing the Great Salt Lake itself and also touring Temple Square. There were lots of buffalo on Antelop Island, which is where we went to see the lake.

It was probably the best time I have ever had with my family.

After everyone flew home, Rob, Katie, Ryan and I came back to Rexburg. I sulked around the house for a few days, enjoying my time off and also wondering why I hadn't heard from the jobs I interviewed for.

Then, on Monday, I got the call. Wells Fargo offered me the position I interviewed for!! I was so excited to have next puzzle piece in place. The HR rep for the area said I will start after my background is checked. I excitedly told her, "that's great, I have an AWESOME background!". yea, I was a bit embarrassed I said that, but it's true. And I was just so excited.

So now I will get my fingerprinting done, and probably start training next week. I will be working at the Rigby location, about 10 minutes from Rexburg. I also get benefits! So exciting and relieving.

The month of April seems to be a month full of blessings and rewards. I am so grateful.

Photos! The scenic/animal ones were taken at Atelope Island.

The Salt Lake

Does he ever put his Ipad2 down?

We were so close to the buffalo!

This photo looks like we are in another country. Is there really something so beautiful here in America?

The Salt Lake is saltier than the ocean. Only brine shrimp live in it.

This photo was taken through my windshield glass. Hence some reflections.

The whole group! Dad is hidden behind Molly.

Katie Pointing at the buffalo, she loved them.

I got to sit on stage for participating in the choir. No, I don't sing, but how could I resist the spotlight? I am the shortest one on stage, in case you can't find me.

Never thought I would have this photo. But I am so glad I do.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here are some highlights from Katie's Birthday!

Opening a gift from Grandpa Fullam

Her very own cake! She was so careful with it, I have never seen a baby take their time and be so gentle with a whole cake in front of them.

She loved it once she got the hang of it.

She LOVED when we sang happy birthday. It was so funny.

Click to see it larger

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Adventures of Katie

11:41am: Show daddy how to find the tape.

11:43am: Reorganize mommy's pots and pans.

11:44am: While screaming, hit pugs with pan until they run downstairs in terror.

11:46am: Don't forget mommy's decorations and photos.

11:51am: Daddy can always fix that later. The fridge looks better without it anyway.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Katie's Birthday Plans

Katie's birthday is fast approaching: about 1 month until her party!

I have started putting together plans for her birthday bash. We are going with a Tinker Bell theme, because she seriously LOVES her Tinker Bell movie. We already picked out the most adorable cake... but it feeds like a million people...so you should come...really...everybody.

I am so excited to celebrate her 1 year mark in this world. As I have been sharing my plans with family and friends, I tend to get the same reaction:

"Why are you putting so much effort into something she won't remember?"

WELL ladies and gentlemen, there are two very important reasons to make her first birthday fantastic.

1. I want to get in the habit of making her birthday a big deal.
2. I have a healthy and wonderful little girl and that is something to celebrate.

Let's talk about habits. I want to get in the habit of making celebrations fun for my kid. I want her birthday to be something she anticipates over the years. Why start on her 2nd or 3rd or even 4th birthday? I know she will love eating her sugary cake and be so excited to play with her friends. This is not an event she won't like. She will love it. She will also be able to look back in her baby book to see how cute she was.

On the second point, I ask you:
"do we only do nice things for others when we will be recognized for it?"

We shouldn't, and I know my babe is not going to say thank you after or remember how much work I put into all the little details. But I want to do something fun for her anyway. It's how I am going to show her how much I love her and how important she really is.

Life and health are such great gifts. We too often take these for granted when we should constantly be celebrating them. I want to throw a big party with our family and friends to celebrate the huge blessing of having Katie in our lives for a year.

It's been so amazing, it only seems right to end the first year with a bang.

If you haven't received your formal invitation yet, no worries, they will arrive soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas to Now

After a fun-filled Christmas in NH with my family, we are back in Idaho starting our winter semester classes.

January 4th marked my last first day of school, ever!

Weird, isn't it? Well, I guess when you consider I've been working on my degree for 5 years, it's not all that weird.

The next few months are going to be amazing. February is Valentine's Day, and I already told Rob how I want my day to go, so I know it will be great:-) Then there is March when Katers turns 1! I am planning a huge birthday bash which will probably just be me, Rob and Ryan, but again, it will be great.

Then the month I most look forward to, APRIL! I am so excited to have so many relatives coming to see me graduate. I feel special. April will also be awesome because I have two weddings I am shooting (yay for fun things!) I will also hopefully start working for some great company with great benefits. Wishful thinking?

I have started putting together my resume. It's been an intense process trying to make my resume look and sound professional. It's amazing that a few words can make you sound so much more experienced.

I am so anxious to start applying to businesses in the area. At least it means I get a new outfit! I don't think I own an outfit that says, "I have a degree and I am awesome so please hire me so I can feed my family."

Maybe Macy's has one.

Katers is still as cute as ever. She is SO close to walking! She stands all by herself and even takes 2 steps. If I try and make her practice too much, she starts growling at me. So I let her decide how often she wants to practice.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Katie's First Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday, especially once you have a little one to make it special with!
We decided on the Star Wars theme. Mostly because we thought Katie would make the cutest Yoda! We bought Katie's costume and then mine and Rob's were homemade. Here are some pics from the "trunk or treat" at our church. Every family decorates their trunk and the kids go trick or treating from trunk to trunk in the church parking lot. It was so fun!

Princess Leigh, Han Solo and Yoda!